Visionary Luxury



Ladies and gentlemen, we are very proud to announce the second edition of Castro Lighting’s E-Magazine. Please, welcome VLuxe Fall-Winter 2020 issue.

It’s time to celebrate life and its influential authentic synergy in interior design, fashion, culture, and travelling inspiration. You are invited to a very special journey to delicate luxury, decor ideas and expert guidance on the brand-new interior design trends. A journey through the winter wonderland and radiant spirit to feed your soul with the visionary luxury and the most mouth-watering design delicacies. Made with love and devotion for your appreciation. Caution! This very special edition will give you butterflies and make your heart beat faster.







We’re sure we want to continue this project and present

2 new issues every year with brand-new content.



We are beyond excited to reveal you the uplifting story through the most elegant lifestyle masterpieces. This time, Castro Lighting’s team brought an exclusive character to the Fall-Winter edition, having hope to inspire you and to bring more joy, happiness, and love into your life. Step into our world, the world of beauty, inspiration, most breathtaking travel experiences, and visionary luxury at its finest.


Inspire and be inspired with V.Luxe


V.Luxe is the integrated display of our day-to-day muse, guiding light and driving force on dream trips, discoveries, and our biggest passion – lifestyle design. It all started with the idea of sharing an inspiring aesthetic vision and a sense of beauty in it. From fashion to culture, extending and giving a twist to the humble concept, we grow bold and expressed all our craving for excellence in the embodiment of the team’s personality.






Lighting / Floor Lamp

Sparta Floor Lamp

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Lighting / Pendant

Botticelli Pendant

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Lighting / Pendant

Stala Pendant

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Lighting / Wall Light

Vienna Wall Light

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