The Joyful World of Barbiecore

Just as a painter finds beauty in nature's breathtaking landscapes and a sculptor seeks inspiration in the rawness of life's emotions, interior designers embrace the world around them to craft spaces that breathe with soul and purpose. From contemporary styles to trends, interior designers have the ability to draw inspiration from every facet of life.

Drawing inspiration from the beloved Barbie doll, who become popular again with the release of the movie directed by Greta Gerwig and starring the iconic Margot Robbie, the Barbiecore Aesthetic - an innovative approach that infuses interior spaces with a playful and adventurous spirit – is a trend that is here to stay.

What is the Barbiecore Aesthetic?

The Barbiecore style is a captivating blend of nostalgia, boldness, and elegance, all netted together by the spirit of playfulness. Inspired by the iconic Barbie doll, a symbol of limitless imagination and empowerment, this style embraces life's adventure while challenging traditional design norms. Oh... And of course, with lots and lots of pink!

Get inspired now by the projects below, to create your own project inspired by the world's best-known doll.

Paris j'Adore Hotel & Spa

When in France, it is impossible not to mention the icon that was Marie Antoniette, a symbol of beauty and sophistication of the French court. Having one of the greatest reigns of all time, and in order to bring back a bit of the lust that was lived in the times of her reign by the noblest families in the French capital, the interior designers of Paris j'Adore Hotel & Spa wanted to bring a bit of that feeling to their premises.

For this, they chose one of Castro's most très chic collections, the Royal Collection, once it incorporates the luxury and lavishness of the Royal Era. When applying the Royal Pendant to the rooms, they make them almost like little castles, offering guests who visit them the feeling of being in their own kingdom. As you step into one of their opulent spaces, you'll be transported to your very own chateau, where you can savour a pain au chocolat, bask in the pink-hued ambiance, and experience a world that shapes the lines between dreams and reality, just like the Barbie doll that continues to inspire generations.

CREDITS: Paris j'Adore Hotel & SPA

Rosy Reverie

Still among kings and queens, Incantos - an esteemed interior design studio based in Portugal - chose the Kingdom Collection to brighten up this dining room in rose pastel tones. The Kingdom Suspension claims all the traditional kingdom’s grandiosity centred in an exclusive leading figure, where ostentation and opulence were and evidence of extended territory and influence.

This pink paradise invites you to gather with loved ones and indulge in delectable meals while celebrating the timeless allure of Barbiecore's unique blend of class and refinement.


Blushing Bubbles

Step into the whimsical world of Barbiecore interior design at this pinkish bar zone, where playful sophistication takes center stage. The vibrant ambiance of this trendy space is bathed in rosy hues, celebrating the spirit of Barbie's adventurous charm. The centerpiece of the zone, the Charlotte Bar Table, exudes elegance with its sleek design and blush accents, inviting patrons to gather around for laughter and merriment. Complementing the table, the Sedere Bar Chair adds a touch of vintage allure, combining comfort with a dash of nostalgia. Above, the Gio Pendant hangs gracefully, casting a soft glow reminiscent of Barbie's timeless grace. This harmonious blend of contemporary elements with classic charm creates a bar that is both inviting and glamorous, offering an unforgettable experience to those who step into this Barbiecore wonderland.

" Imagination, life is your creation"

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