The Art of Sophistication

Domin Design has recently completed a stunning interior design project in the dining room of a luxurious villa in Nicosia, Cyprus. The goal was to create a sophisticated and elegant space that would inspire a sense of grandeur and refinement. To accomplish this, Domin Design incorporated a range of exquisite lighting fixtures from Castro Lighting, such as the Mastery Wall Light, the Twist Suspension, and the Twist Wall Light.

The Mastery Wall Light is an exceptional piece that illuminates the room with a soft and warm glow. Its unique design was inspired by the book Mastery by Robert Greene. The delicacy of the different-sized pieces and the finishes used led to the name of this design, reminding the traits and universal ingredients that made the characters of the book masters. The soft curves of this lighting fixture add a touch of fluidity to the space, making it feel more organic and dynamic. This handmade wall sconce can be customized as you prefer to create the perfect bespoke combination for each unique interior design project.

The Twist Suspension is another remarkable lighting fixture that Domin Design chose to incorporate into the dining room's design. This pendant light features an intricate design of twisted metal, which gives it a sense of movement and energy. The Twist Suspension hangs low above the dining table, casting a warm and inviting glow that creates an intimate and cosy atmosphere.

Last but not least, the Twist Wall Light adds a finishing touch to the dining room's design. This elegant sconce features the same twisted metal design as the Twist Suspension, creating a cohesive and harmonious look. The Twist Wall Light also adds a sense of depth to the room, casting a subtle shadow that accentuates the room's architectural features.

Together, these three lighting fixtures create a sense of elegance and luxury in the dining room of this sumptuous Villa in Nicosia, Cyprus. Domin Design's implementation of these exquisite fixtures demonstrates its expertise in selecting the perfect lighting elements to create a stunning interior design. The Mastery Wall Light, the Twist Suspension, and the Twist Wall Light come together to create a masterpiece that is both stylish and functional, enhancing the dining experience for the villa's habitants and guests alike.


CREDITS: Domin Design

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