Exquisite Interior Décor Ideas

Autumn leaves falling down means the arrival of the cold, winter season. It inspires to renovate of all kinds of interiors in various parts of the world. For this, several interior designers turned to Castro to select beautiful lighting fixtures for these new projects.

We present some of them to you so that you can also feel inspired by this new season that has just begun!

Tales From Venice

In Lithuania, one of the small Baltic states, a duo of interior designers, Gintarė Garcia and Brigita Užusienė, under their own interior design studio - Jaukumo Kūrėjai, prepared the following interior rendering project for a memorable home in Venice. For this space - they applied the Lotus Suspension, to decorate this fabulous narrow living room. Having Venice in mind, they’ve created such elegant and opulent spaces for this project.

In this area, the white marble on the floor transmits an idea of power, aligned with the fireplace, carefully worked to detail makes the environment so sophisticated and elegant which is in line with the beauty and delicacy of the Lotus Suspension, also emanating a white light, makes the space a place of enchantment that takes the observer to a luxurious and refined Venice.

The kitchenette brings the Open Space concept - together with a secondary living room, white continues to be the highlight of this division keeping the elegance already observed in the previous space.

This time, in order to bring a greater focal point to the majestic marble table that forms part of this space, the designers chose to use the Halo Pendant, an option that is simple yet sophisticated, making it the perfect addition to this modern interior design.

A Chinoiserie Love Story

Traveling all the way to Richmond in Canada, Chinoiserie is timeless and no one knows that better than Allyse Li from RAAW Design & Associates. She brought together the essence of Chinese cultural elements into French-style architecture. Twist Suspension was the right choice on the interior designer's part as it was built to complement large premises, such as this majestic staircase, giving it even more class and charm.

Just as Chinoiserie is a bridge between Chinese and French culture, this imperial chandelier serves as a balance between past and present and it’s essential to unique interiors that seek to enhance rich accents.

Home Sweet Home

We all like to feel the warmth of home. Through the elegant eye, once again Allyse, we are handed an elegant and sophisticated kitchen through the marble that is part of the walls and floor of the dining area. The details in the ceiling and the island in the middle of the kitchen are also praiseworthy since that is indispensable to us, nowadays, given their practicality and efficiency. 

In order to bring light to decor as elegant and charming as the one presented by the designer, nothing like Royal Suspension in order to bring the luxury and lavishness of the Royal Era demonstrated in the care for each detail and the use of traditional handcrafting technics. The combination of all the features of this setting with our classic chandelier makes this space breathtaking.

A Song of Sky and Fire

The new modern houses have a new concept - Open Spaces. It combines the living room and the kitchen into a single room to make it wider and airy. In the case of this specific interior design, we can observe components that are part of nature: the wood that represents the forests, the fireplace that represents fire, the marble that represents stone, and of course the light that represents the sky.

This is what we aim to bring to all venues through our Cielo Suspension Snooker. The perfect combination of all the components of nature, namely the light from the skies. Feel the powerful energy of this suspension which brass elements complement the refinement of the interior and permit to reveal of a new meaning of beauty.


Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the reality of remote working is here to stay. So, we must have space, within our homes, properly allocated to it. Dmytro Davydovsky, an interior designer from Ukraine, has come up with a suggestion that looks classic, simple, and traditional but has added a few modern touches, like a sofa for a short break, or a TV that can partially camouflage with the wall pattern.

To complete the exclusivity of the space, he opted for the Sparta Table Lamp, which can bring simplicity yet luxury to the space. This green marbled table lamp reminds the seductive Greek culture as its lean details take a classier look. You can also explain to your business partners all about the history of Sparta while closing a deal during a game of chess in this exquisite venue.

Honorable mentions to our partners Brunello Interior Boutique for putting together this breathtaking combo.

Falling Raindrops

Some projects require the creation of a space where the atmosphere there is unique and, the observer, is not able to feel it anywhere else. This is what Xena Interiors has achieved with this project in Limassol, Cyprus.

The Rainforest Suspension was part of this magnificent design, bringing, into a space, a broad-leaved masterpiece of modern lighting design along with falling raindrops and butterflies taking you to remote spaces and the open sky. Alongside the dark marble of the table, it can really take you on a trip to a forest on a rainy day.

A dreamy lighting fixture creates an exceptional ambiance to the classy interiors

Getting Ready

The entrance hall is the first impression that our house will give to those who visit us and, therefore, it should not be underestimated. That was Lemon Interior's idea thought when creating this space. By placing a divan in the same shade as the marble that elegantly makes up the floor of this space. The mirror is strategically placed, so you can take a last look at your outfit before leaving home.

For that, the Metier Wall Light fits perfectly, bringing the necessary light and balance to the space, so that whenever you receive visitors you can make the best of impressions and, whenever you go out, you can see if everything is impeccable in your outfit.

Outstanding and advantageous features highlight a fusion of contemporary boldness and classy elegance, revealing a secret of a lasting legacy in luxury lighting design.

The Talk

Have you ever felt like space was designed perfectly for a conversation? The truth is that some are! Lemon Interior Design has created an environment that is conducive to conversation. By day, you can watch the magnificent view from the space, while relaxing in a fabulous armchair and, at night, see the city lights, accompanied by the light emanating from our Lotus Floor Lamp.

This handmade uplight aims to represent this simplicity and splendor as its design and form are almost identical to the real flower’s shape, incorporating its luxurious feel. Functional and sculptural this design can be more than a floor lamp to read but a spotlight able to enlighten any setting with its unique design.

Table Business

Whether it's decorating a meeting room or a dining room, we've noticed that Lemon Interior Design knows how to do it. This design shows a perfect harmony of space, playing with color through the chairs, and showing an enviable view. The gold from this rectangular chandelier - Metis Suspension, delivers sumptuousness and harmony to the space.

A sleek shape along with delicate crystals revealing a pure balance of delicacy and refinement and with an avant-garde spirit, it combines both: functional sophistication and elegant simplicity.

The Roman Triumph

Directly from our design team comes an atmosphere of a fabulous entrance hall, with a table of extraordinary marble. The table, besides being splendid, takes us back to the golden days of the Roman Empire's history by alluding to the pillars that were part of the architecture of the time.

While maintaining the class that this environment demands, Streamline Collection blends in perfectly. This collection was conceived to be distinctive and stand out for its design, becoming the perfect fit for curated interiors that combine a diversity of styles. This recipe of rich materials and sleek lines inspired by art-deco architecture makes this family desirable.

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