Contemporary Flat Design in Moscow

Mastermind this elegant flat interior and get inspired to create charismatically breathtaking spaces for your residential interior design projects. Embody a dreamy vision and feel captivated by this exquisite interior design. Elegant and contemporary, this luxurious residence was designed by Domos Design, a Russian interior design studio. This flat design featuring 350 meter square, has a sophisticated vibe adorned with splendid centerpieces that shape each unique space.

The following contemporary kitchen-dining area highlights a colorful palette alongside four customized Royal Pendants. The golden brass, clear glass mixed with the white and black marbles create an aesthetic sense of luxury and opulence.

The hallway design helps attach the rooms with opulence and luxury. The use of marble, both black and white, the golden details inserted on the shape of the Skylar Collection, and the neutral walls creates linkage and clearance to the entire residential setup.

This project is perfect if you are looking for new inspiring ideas on developing your residential bedroom. In this project, we have five different bedrooms, all of them with distinct unique, and charismatic styles. The room in the upper picture has incorporated a classic twist. Jointly with the golden tones of both the divider and the lighting fixtures. The crystals in the Metis Suspension help this room create a sense of luxury.

The next area although, may have a classic and luxurious feel it has a different sense from the first room. The beige and grey tones are the secret. It follows a palette of colors less liveable. Nevertheless, the same palette allows coziness and elegance, inspired on a beautiful night of dreams.

All sleek details from the Spacium Suspension add a sense of visual delight and make the surrounding ambiance of this room feel exclusive and enriched.

Back to another vibrant room. The color selection between beiges and red. This palette creates cohesion with the other rooms and, at the same time, it differentiates it. How? The red armchair and the further cherry details inside this room make all the difference.

The Halo Wall Lights are a simple yet sophisticated option, being the perfect addition for this contemporary bedroom, incorporated near the headboard in the bed. It feels like it came connecting both cohesion and design.

Colorful and bright. This bedroom has a joyful ambiance with a chic twist. The details invested in this bedroom make all the difference. From its luxurious furniture to the golden Metis Suspension, this room has every detail well connected to perform comfort and style for those who live in it.

This marble bathroom reveals a bold curated luxury bathroom. It show's off style with Streamline Wall Light combined with the stunning beautiful stones.

This golden wall sconce is distinctive and stands out in its design, becoming the perfect fit for this curated bathroom inserted here.

These images speak by themselves. Every detail is invested together with the luxury allied to comfort. It demonstrates well the detailed work implemented by this incredibly dreamy and visionary Russian Design Studio. Castro Lighting fixtures are even more beautiful within interiors like these.

As a brand, it is a privilege and an honor to work with such a creative interior design studio.

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