Sparked by contemplating the sea landscape, wave ripples, and the breathtaking Côte d'Azur atmosphere, the graceful and glowing Riviera chandelier was crafted. The aesthetic design inspiration came from the French Riviera – the sun-soaked coastline in the south of France surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. Known for its beach resorts, panoramic views, and intense blue waters – one of the Earth’s most beautiful paradises.

The Riviera gold suspension takes you on a daydream journey of visualizing an amazing French Riviera resort – just the right amount of light to make the ambiance feel exceptional and embracing. Each brass plate is a handmade artwork that was shaped and hammered differently to resemble waves and ripples, in a way to incorporate a modern design touch at its core, balancing refined hammered-gloss finishes.


On the back side of the brass tubes, the Riviera chandelier is designed with openings for a one-of-a-kind light spread. The light-diffusing effect of this eye-catching design will make it the central piece for all exquisite interiors and help achieve the desired timeless chic. An organic fluid shape casts light on the bottom of the tube but also on the sides, dispersing a smooth light effect through its edges to enhance the gold finish of the tubes.

This luxury handcrafted chandelier is the perfect choice for art deco, mid-century modern, or modern classic interior style, being an excellent lighting decorative accessory for spacious living rooms, dining rooms, and hotel entrances.