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Royal Floor Lamp

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Over the times, Royal families gathered in the most exclusive and luxurious events. Ostentation and opulence were represented in the decoration of the spaces through the noblest materials.

The Royal floor lamp incorporates the luxury and lavishness associated with the Royal families over the times, represented by the use of noble materials and valuable traditional techniques.

The different inclination of each level from the pieces of the Royal floor lamp creates an eye-catching form, increasing the visual complexity and adding value to the light as a decorative element. The glasses remind us of a calm surface of water, reflecting the sky and the sun.


Technical Information


Height: 161 cm Diameter: 40 cm



Net Weight: 20 kg Gross Weight: 38 kg



Number: 6 Type: 40W max | G9



Color: Clear



Dimension: 178x66x56 cm


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