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Pulsar Ceiling Lamp

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Pulsars are neutron stars with the size of a city but with more mass than the sun itself. They are known as the “lighthouse” of the universe, as viewed from earth, pulsars create a flickering effect. They beautify and illuminate everything surrounding them.

Based on this iconic wonder, the Pulsar handmade ceiling lamp profoundly establishes one’s inner strength and outer brightness. With a half conical shape, it alternates layers of gold-plated discs and Swarovski crystals added by hand.

As the light shines through this unique ceiling lamp a majestic ambiance is created. It’s an illustrious addition to any space, that assures a harmonious interior decoration. Can be paired with modern furniture for a contemporary style, with retro features for a mid-century modern look or with other statement pieces for a glamorous art-deco interior design.


Technical Information


Height: 25 cm Diameter: 83cm



Net Weight: 17kg Gross Weight: 23kg



Number: 18 Type: 40W max | G9



Color: Golden Shadow

Other: Under Request



Dimension: 96x96x51 cm


Technical Sheet

Under Request

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