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Gaya Bookshelf


The stunning combo of wood and brass in the Gaya bookcase goes beyond the limits of traditional perception in furniture design and brings a new vision – a fusion of state-of-the-art smart elegance with a playful geometry twist. All the ornamental features are handcrafted from the finest brass and styled with selected wood by our professional artisans. Gaya bookshelf is a bespoke accessory to complement a set-up of a spacious living room, bedroom, or study, as a shelf full of books and decorative objects provides instant appeal to anyroom. This empowering design was made to inspire decorate boldly and intriguing, one can be a perfect “home” for your favourite novels, biographies,and beloved short story collections. The elegance of the original directing structural lines is perfectly balanced by wood which grants this design a breathtaking charisma, providing interest and decorative value among the other furniture.

The well-stocked and decorated bookshelf is both lavish and practical, adding a visual impactand character to home interiors.

Technical Information

Dimensions (approx.)

Height: 213 cm | 84 in

Length: 213 cm | 84 in

Depth: 40 cm | 15,5 in



Under Request



Dimension: Under Request


Technical Sheet

Under Request

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