The Allure of Art Déco Hotel Rooms

One of the most iconic and recognised interior design styles of the early 20th century, Art Déco is characterised by its elegant, luxurious aesthetic, with a strong emphasis on bold geometry and ornamentation. It includes exotic materials, rich colours and linear decoration.

This is a concept that thrives on classic inspirations that show off their best, bringing out the brilliance and luxury that they represent. Step into the shoes of a 1920’s French socialite and discover the best that the roaring twenties had to offer.

In order to introduce the classicism that characterises this interior design style, the Casablanca Suspension was placed right in the center of this bedroom. The detailing on the crystal plates that hold the lights, the detailing on the different arms that compose the lamp, as well as the exquisite hanging Crystals, give this collection a unique look, making every feature the perfect statement. Complementing the space, the Casablanca Wall Light was included, in order to bring out a harmonious balance that a classic wall light fixture requires.

Providing support to this mater room, the Marie Side Table was placed by the bed. Flaunting a luxurious gold finish, this stunning piece adds an element of intrigue to your home décor. The combination of noble materials like brass and glass creates an opulent feel on this small table that carries the right enchantment to your space.

In order to enhance this room and bring one of the corners of the space to life, a reading area was created which, just above the Marie Side Table, has the Arcade Pendant. This opulent pendant light brings sensuality and a state of tender contemplative attitude and openness. A soft light that transmits class and purity to every space.

Finally, in order to complete the décor of this space in the best way, the Sedere Armchair is positioned in this corner to combine the best comfort with your reading experience. The luxurious, timeless glance of this handmade armchair, provided by a refined combination of materials such as the brass and leather that is framing the mesmerising yellow upholstery, Sedere’s splendid design aims to be more than what meets the eye, having a sophisticated high-end look.

If Art Déco is your favourite interior design style, be inspired by this glamorous hotel room and incorporate the decorative elements characteristic of this style into your own room. Let yourself be carried away by the beauty of change that this season brings and start remodelling your spaces now, taking inspiration from the colours of this season and the alluring Castro lighting and lifestyle pieces.