Charming Furniture for Your Home

New Year, New Beginnings, New You! Having this motto in mind, we decided to present to you a brand-new selection of upholstery and tables that Castro has to offer so that you can enter 2023 just the right way and, of course, be full of style.

We couldn’t start this article without the Columns Chair that features the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2023 – Viva Magenta. This chair is a bespoke luxury furniture piece designed with innovative creativity, bearing in mind a modern-day elegance married with playful geometry elements. A perfect blend of gold-plated brass structure alongside refined fabric in Viva Magenta hues frames the chair. This lavish custom-tailored home accessory is a fine complement to decorating a spacious living room, bedroom, study, or library, and it will bring the sophistication that your space requires.

If music is your passion and you want to honour it just the right way at your home, we present you the Harp Chair. Inspired by the delicate musical instrument, the Harp chair aims to bring a sense of refinement and luxury to every space. This visionary upholstery emphasizes comfort and effortless elegance without losing its distinctive aesthetic. The iconic look of this outstanding furniture piece is achieved with a wide range of fabrics and textiles to fit perfectly into your project.

The final suggestion in the upholstery world could only be the classic Marie Armchair. This handmade armchair is a good suggestion for a hotel lounge, allowing a je ne sais quoi feeling. Presenting a sophisticated look, it is an exquisite armchair that can fit the entrance hall of a house or a hotel, or your dressing room. This armchair will undoubtedly fit perfectly into your project.

Now, we present all the tables that will leave your guests speechless. We’ll start with the Eléa Dining Table. This design embodies the concept of Hellenic in a way to celebrate epic Ancient Greece and its rich culture. This table features the eucalyptus frisé wooden top alongside a sleek lacquered brass finish, turning it into the perfect union of materials and harmony of forms. Combined with the Columns Chair, it will turn your dining room into a cosy and welcoming place that will make your guest never want to leave.

Since Valentine’s Day is coming, we introduce you to one of the prettiest existing love stories – between the moon and the sun – throughout the Moon Collection. The elegant glass represents the moon, the lavish marble - the sun, and the brass aims to reproduce the moment when the two lovers meet but never touch each other. The infinite friezes in the back of the golden metal embody the lovebirds' secret when they met but never gently touched each other. Surrender to this gorgeous statement piece and let this love story bring gracefulness and sophistication to the most demanding ambiance.

Finally, to give you the support you need whenever you are in the living room, the Gianna Center Table will be the perfect furniture piece to complement the space. Sophisticated and charismatic, this table joins every interior designer's three favourite elements: brass, wood, and marble, making it the right piece for your living room. The brass cylinder that covers the top of the table brings a distinctive look to this table, making it a unique design.

Great to combine with other decorative items, such as a plant or scented candles, or to put down the TV remote while on the sofa, or the magazine you've just read, such as Dress Code Magazine, where this piece was mentioned.