Castro Specials: Escape the Ordinary

Castro’s ability to customize existing lighting pieces and create entirely new ones is unlimited. From the design brief to delivery, the brand offers this option to fit perfectly into your interior design project. We have a team of designers who will evaluate your request to make a design uniquely yours.

Here you have some suggestions of Castro designs that you can customize to turn them exclusive to yours:

The Royal Collection

Over time, Royal families gathered in the most exclusive and luxurious events. Ostentation and opulence were represented through the decoration of the venue, using the noblest of materials and filling the space with elegance and charm. This collection incorporates the luxury of the Royal Era, demonstrated in the care for each detail and the implementation of traditional handcrafting technics.

Incorporate the royal spirit into your designs by customizing this collection to fit your project.

The Halo Collection

Halos are optical phenomena that occur when tiny ice crystals refract and reflect the sun or moon's light, creating splendid circles of light in the atmosphere. They are rare and prized events of delicate beauty that are astonishing. Castro's talented design team decided to create a collection that could honour this natural occurrence.

If the project you're currently working on is rooted in designs inspired by nature, the Halo Collection is the right one for you!

The Cielo Collection

Reveal the power of nature's majesty by inviting it inside your home with the Cielo Collection which has been inspired by nature's magnificence and its wonders - the fusion of pure elements. The Cielo Collection visualizes the concept of natural forces and their mysterious power. The fusion of pure elements – fire, ocean waves, sky, and stones – is the greatest source of inspiration. Fire creates delicacy, wave shapes stones, the sky elevates magic, and stone brings textures. Therefore, nature shapes lighting design. The Cielo Collection is a dynamic way of conceiving the world and the joy of discovery and wonder.

This handmade chandelier is the perfect design element to bring the outdoors inside. Castro design team will work with you to create a unique piece of art that is as functional as beautiful. The result will be a fixture that will complement a personal style and define the character of a home or office.

Also, in the furniture collections, the customization options are unlimited. From unmistakable marbles to leathers or detailed fabrics, play with unique features and textures to incorporate Castro elegant designs in your residential or commercial projects.

Nautilus Sideboard

The Nautilus Sideboard embodies a strong character, mysterious naval allure, and powerful maritime metaphor. The ultimate expression of cutting-edge savoir-faire in furniture design by Castro. This stunning lifestyle furniture piece can make your imagination fly: using the ships’ hull and wheel, ropes, and knots as a design tool expressed in this collection. Let the interiors speak for you and invite the guests for the adventure of a lifetime.

Whether your project is lighter or in a more noir style, Castro has several wood options so that you can modify this bespoke furniture design in the best way that suits your project.

Harp Chair

Inspired by the delicate musical instrument, the Harp chair aims to bring a sense of refinement and luxury to every space. This visionary upholstery emphasizes comfort and effortless elegance without losing its distinctive aesthetic.

In this signature chair, not only are you able to customize the fabric of the chair but also the brass structure that makes it up, and you can choose from the finishing options available in the brand's catalogue.

Eléa Dining Table

Eléa Dining Table embodies the concept of Hellenic in a way to celebrate epic Ancient Greece and its rich culture. This table features a wooden top alongside a sleek lacquered brass finish, turning it into the perfect union of materials and harmony of forms.

As with the Nautilus Sideboard, the Eléa Dining Table can also be bespoke with any wood and brass finishes options that Castro has available.

Designing your dream project has never been this easy. With Castro limitless array of customization options, you can create an individualized space that reflects the essence of who you are. Whether it is sophisticated lighting fixtures or luxury furniture made to live in, the brand provides you with a range of options to choose from to match the design vision of your living space.