An Awe-Inspiring French Living Room

Transforming your living room décor into a cosy and totally distinctive space is all about the little details. Whether it's choosing the colours of the fabrics that will decorate the room, the patterns of the rug that will occupy the central space of the space or any marble that you want to apply to the decorative pieces or walls.

In order to better assist you in your decision-making process, Castro presents the decoration of a room in the heart of Bruges, which incorporates organic elements, characteristic of the red season, but retains the classicism that characterises the region's décor.

The centrepiece of this space is the Cosmopolitan Suspension. The glamorous yet sophisticated lighting fixture promises to elevate any space with its mesmerising charm. This beautiful lighting statement integrates unique fragments embellished with rotating stars, crafted from gold-plated brass and high-quality glass, reflecting a beautiful gleam.

In order to provide the best comfort possible for the loved ones you enjoy welcoming into your home, the Marie Sofa is positioned immediately below the Cosmopolitan Suspension, just as if you’re looking at the stars. This padded sofa design is a luxurious furniture piece composed of brass and upholstery and it aims to be more than what meets the eye.

Next to the sofa, and with a support function, the Perla Side Table creates an eye-catching contrast, supported by a gold-plated brass structure. On top of this exquisite table, the distinctive Streamline Table Lamp, stands out for its décor, becoming the perfect fit for this space.

The Chiara Armchair - a delicate combo of a neutral palette and gold-plated brass – aims to bring a warm and welcoming grace to this space, inviting your guests to rest as they leave behind the cold winds outside, which are so characteristic of this season. Behind this chair, and in order to make a contrast with the marble wall, is the Elven Wall Light. Designed to be a breathtaking and glitzy highlight to an interior design project, it combines modern simplicity with an elegant and luxurious touch.

Finally, in order to incorporate the beauty of autumn into this living room, the Rainforest Round Wall Light is located behind the sofa and is the most prominent piece in this space. Through its finishes, it shows the different states the leaves are in and the beauty of their change.

Let yourself be carried away by the beauty of this season and create your own spaces, immersing yourself in the emblematic French culture and how much it influences interior design in the places where it dominates.