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General information

The company Castro Lighting is the exclusive owner of the Web page that provides Internet users with all the information about the company, products and services offered.
Castro Lighting reserves the right, without prior notice, to discontinue collections, products or change specifications and prices on products. Castro lighting is free to commit any design changes without prior notice so measures and sizes must always be confirmed. The sizes indicated in the catalogue are only approximate, therefore, a small difference is always to be expected. The colours reproduced in print are only indicative and may vary a little from the original products.
Receipt of information 

By providing your personal information, it will only be used by Castro Lighting. It is considered personal information, all that can be used to identify a user, such as: name, company, email address and other required information. These details will serve to improve the quality of our services and operation of the site. We do not record personal information automatically, including your IP address.
Removal data

If at any time you wish to stop receiving newsletters, emails or other communications and to proceed with the change of your data, please notify us to info@castrolighting.com

The size, color, the color of the crystals and other components of our lamps can be changed according to the taste and need of the customer.
Some of our products can be supplied unassembled and may require some minor assembly. In these cases, the lamp is always accompanied by the manual.
Packaging and distribution 

All our lamps are packaged with the utmost security in order to avoid material damage.
On the outside you can see the description of the lamp, the customer's name and the care of the transportation.

Any damage, should be reported as soon as possible. It must be accompanied by photographic evidence and detailed description of the damage to info@castrolighting.com.

After confirmation of the damaged items and, if applicable, we proceed to the replacement.

Image rights

The use of the name Castro Lighting, the logo and product images on any online or physical platform is not allowed without prior written authorization of Castro Lighting.

Castro Lighting reserves the right to change at any time and without prior warning the technical specification of any product illustrated in this site.
The sizes indicated in the site are only approximate, therefore, a small difference is to be expected.
The colors reproduced in print are only indicative and may vary a little from the original products.

All rights reserved © 2013

All rights reserved © 2013
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